Random Things: Playoffs 2018 Kickoff


It’s been a minute.Β  Well enough of the small talk.Β  Random Things are where we look around sports through social media, art, and other things.Β  Lets kick off the 2018 Playoffs.

First off lets celebrate this.


Game of Zones Returns.


This happened..Β  and Will Cain of ESPN was probably rooting for the guy who got his ass whooped in the first entry of this post.



Don’t get fired Wade


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Co rookies?


If they were all looking at him, it would remind me of Get Out.


Bron say I just work with the guy

Bron’s explanation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž

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Who is going Super Sayian first?

Never Give Up

Sometimes you got to let go, to get ahead


Ball for it All

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