B&BS POD 10-15-17. 2017 Season Opening

In part 1, we discuss recent news in the league such as the changes to the All Star Game and recall some our favorite memories from All Star weekend, recent contract extensions, and we get a new KD rant from the Rant Gawd and super OKC fan, Marcel P Black, ( and his usual threat to Patrick Beverly.)  Mark Wallace talks about sending in the goons and Harold updates us on injuries.

In Part 2, we get down to details.  We rank and preview all the teams we believe will make the playoffs.  We give a heartfelt eulogy to the teams that won’t make it.  Marcel also recounts the night when Oklahoma found out they got the legend… of #hoodiemelo.

We want to thank Mike T and Mark Dub of Sole Lab BR for joining us and kicking off this season.  You can catch them together on    https://www.mixcloud.com/SoleLabBR/   They bringing some of the best hip hop and soul music  you will find anywhere.  You can catch Keith and Mark at    https://www.mixcloud.com/blerdish1/     for your weekly dose of pop culture, blerd stuff, and interviews with independent creators  Click here to grab everything from official licensed NBA gear to hoodie melo tees to our official logo shirts.


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