Here are the changes to the All Star Game.

Personally, I am okay with the new changes.  I will miss the old tradition of seeing those EAST/West jerseys annually in February and great moments like Magic coming back in the league and winning the game MVP after “The Announcement”.  Yet, things must change and evolve for the better.  Now, I do hope this will make the players maybe go a bit harder.  However, I’m never going to do the old man “back in my day” routine these talking heads pull every year.

No one is trying to get hurt in exhibition.  That’s just the truth of it.  Yet, I think this will put more pride in the game for the players and lets face it, they may get a feel for other players while getting a head start on free agency.  Everyone knows All-Star weekend is a a huge work-vacation for the NBA, players and management a like.


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