Random Things: More off season movement and a lot of #footballandflimflam 

Random Things.  When we take a look inside sports and related topics in different ways.  In this episode, Melo is on the move, so is Dwade, and our petty president pisses off the majority of the sporting world ( or the part most give a $hit about anyway).


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#hoodiemelo  is back in the west.

Half of the Banana Boat boys are back together.

The only fun I will recognize of the NFL right now

Then 45 f$$ked over the weekend as usual and you all know what ensued. People got on that ass.

Ray, you not fooling anyone.


Some reveal their true colors when the Steelers skipped the anthem.


Where is Kapernick though?

Ray Ray again.  No one is falling for your or the owner’s double agent routine.  You all didn’t flip a switch over the weekend.  Also for the record, it’s not about the flag.  Just simply google what the hell Kapernick been talking about.


45’s own words


Overall, how I’m feeling about the No Fun League right about now.  I’m tuned out.


It can’t get here fast enough.


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