The Fight….

The scam of the summer is finally over and Dana White and his crew can finally worry about just UFC things after years of begging for this loss.  As I mentioned months ago, I would watch but not pay one cent for this.  However, the fight was entertaining  enough and nothing still has the energy of a big boxing match.  Sadly,the only guy who creates that type of global hype is supposedly done now.  I can admit I love the packaging and hype of mma over boxing.  It’s brisker, violent enough, and when you get a good one, it’s unique as hell.

Yet, I don’t care for their general disrespectful frat fan boy types. I am not saying all mma fans are terrible, I have some good friends who appreciate both sports. It’s when I find the overhyped, boxing is dead, UFC is the only real way to fight types in the bar, all I can do is groan.  Oh well, highlights and the full fight below.

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I used the black and white filter.  makes it feel all raging bull and ish.

The full fight

I can barely understand Conor.


One thought on “The Fight….

  1. Love the write up. It’s a pretty spot on description of the worse type of fans of that sport. But to answer your question, this won’t shut White up unfortunately since Conor did have such a good showing.

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