Random Things: End of Summer edition


Random things are where we look in the league, sports,  and whateva in an out the box way.

Sums up a lot.  Trade is still pending due to IT4’s hip.

Apparently  he can smile.. and isn’t a robot sent from the future to D everyone up.

Live must still have a long way to go, if I am getting this correctly.

Kyrie seeks the sage advice of Uncle Drew.  I’m sure he mention something about getting buckets or something.

Boston fans wishes, prayers, dreams,  begging finally paid off as Hayward signed

Does #Lebron stay in Cleveland?

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Let the paranoia begin

The best story of the summer.  The Legend that is #hoodiemelo

WHO YA GOT?! 👇👇 #NBA #UncleDrew #ChinaKlay #SmilingKawhi #HoodieMelo

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Exclusive Melo jersey… #HoodieMelo

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Still with all the moves.. do we think anything is going to change?


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