Derrick Rose Signs With the Cavs. Now What?

After a few days of meetings with a few suitors Derrick Rose has decided to continue his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers team signing a one year deal good for $2.1 million. Rose now joins LeBron James and his not so merry band of misfits in their attempt to stay atop of the Eastern Conference. 

For Rose, this represents another fresh start albeit another one coming off of an injury. After missing the last eight games of the season due to a low-level meniscus tear the concerns around him heighten with each passing injury. With Rose due $30.3 million this summer the choice was simple for New York and the Knicks getting Frank Nkilitina in the draft was essentially the coffin nail for Rose’s time in the Big Apple.

The arrival of the former MVP is almost serendipitous given the recent and rampant trade talks surrounding current Cavs starting point guard Kyrie Irving. If Irving’s wish is granted Rose finds himself the de facto starter. And while this will most likely result in a drop off in production the change may not be as disastrous as many anticipate. 

For all of his faults Rose scored 18 a night on a team that ran the triangle last year. Let that set in for a minute. He didn’t have any shooters to kick to and defenses who quickly became very familiar with this knew how to defend him. Despite this he shot 56% in the restricted area and more surprisingly he converted 46% of his long twos. However, this is where his range stopped as his 21% three point rate will tell us. So yes, he’s not Kyrie. And at this point he’ll never be close again. But can this be a situation that unlocks at least a piece of the old Derrick Rose everyone has been waiting about half of a decade to see? Sure! But we’ll only get it if he stays on the court. And that’s the scariest part of all of this.


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