Free Agency Round-Up Part 1: And We’re OFF!

All deals shown here occurred as of 10:05 P.M. CST on July 2nd

Okay party people the NBA free agency signing period has started and while the big domino is yet to fall (Gordon Hayward?) there has been some pretty exciting movement. In light of the dominance currently sitting atop both coasts teams are busy trying to close the gap. Some teams are wasting no time while others are taking more of a wait and see approach but one thing is for sure this is just the beginning of what is shaping up to be a very exciting summer around the association.


Charlotte Hornets

Michael Carter-Williams  – 1 year for $2.7 million

MCW isn’t what we would call an offensive spark plug per se but for a team that is looking to re-establish their defensive identity isn’t a bad pickup at all. He’ll be a decent addition for their 2nd unit.


Chicago Bulls

Cristiano Felicio – 4 years for $32 million, Justin Holiday – 2 years for $ 9 million

In an attempt to start undoing some of the wreckage caused by the draft night debacle the Bulls made two solid moves in retaining Felicio and adding Justin Holiday. Felicio showed a lot of promise towards the end of the regular season and against Boston in the first round. At 24 he’s still growing into his game and could very well be their primary big soon. If this is the case this will turn out to be one helluva contract for a starting center.

Holiday, brother of Jrue who also got paid this weekend, is a high level backup who is a plus defender (a big need now that…….oh, never mind) and is an okay scorer in spots. For a team with rather limited flexibility Chicago definitely didn’t hit it out of the park but but they didn’t completely f**k everything up. Considering Bulls management is capable (or maybe incapable is more accurate) I’d count this weekend as a win.


Cleveland Cavaliers

Jose Calderon – 1 year for $2.3 million

Nothing much to see here. Only thing this tells me is that they may be willing to walk away from Deron Williams soon. Calderon is a career 40% three point shooter but he failed to find his stroke in his stints with New York and Atlanta. Hopefully he can regain some consistency while in the Land.


Denver Nuggets

Paul Milsap – 3 years for $90 million

Someone done pulled the trigger and broke Paul all the way off. This is just how these things go folks. Superstar puts in work for years and someone has to pay him his last big deal. The last two of these years will most likely be pretty hard to watch but the first one will be the one that will be of most importance to Denver. Even at this stage he still provides the Nuggets with some much needed defense and will have enough capable scorers to perhaps make it easier for him to contribute on offense.


Detroit Pistons

Langston Galloway – 3 years for $21 million

Galloway’s post trade tear proved enough to get him paid. Baton Rouge’s very own shot for 47% from downtown in his short stint with the Sacramento Kings last season. For the Pistons it’s a curious move. With their intent still set on retaining Kentavious  Caldwell-Pope and drafting Luke Kennard it’s hard to see him getting a ton of minutes there. And with them being pretty set at point guard between Reggie Jackson and Ish Smith it’s hard imagining him getting a lot of play there. Maybe it’s an insurance move but with their cap situation it’s a pretty pricey one.


Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry – 5 years for $201 million, Andre Iguodala – 3 years for $48 million, Shaun Livingston – 3 years for $24 million, David West – 1 year for $2.3 million

Good teams make smart moves. And given the Warriors success this season the smartest thing for them to do is to keep the band together and that’s what they’re doing here. Curry now has the richest contract and league history while Iggy signed for a little over what we expected the Dubs to offer. Livingston is on a VERY team friendly deal and West signed with his intent to retire at the end of this year. Sure these are moves that put them well over the cap and honestly into the tax after they’re done maneuvering this summer but it costs to be the boss.


Houston Rockets

PJ Tucker – 4 years for $32 million

Tucker is a huge pickup for Houston. The addition of Tucker gives Houston another plus defender on a good deal. Tucker is okay from deep but he is very limited outside of that. But for a team with so much offensive firepower he provides some much needed balance.


Indiana Pacers

Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis – Traded from Oklahoma City

So THIS is the haul Indy got for shipping out their former franchise player in Paul George? Oladipo gives them a solid two way guard that will be their best wing defender from day 1. Vic can score had his best season shooting from range but consistency is his Achilles heel. Domas showed flashes of being able to work his way into being a solid role big. However, his fit here raises some questions as they currently have Thad Young, Al Jefferson, and Lavoy Allen (they’ll probably decline Allen’s option) at power forward. It will be interesting to see how they go about developing him unless they plan on packaging him.


Los Angeles Clippers

Blake Griffin – 5 years for $173 million

First Blake got his team, now Blake got his money. This definitely signifies the Clippers ambition to go full steam ahead with pursuing a championship. With the 34 players the Clippers received in the Chris Paul trade they don’t have many needs but they can stand to strengthen a few areas now. It will be interesting to see how they elect to do so now.


Memphis Grizzlies

Ben McLemore – 2 years for $10.7 million

Damn good pickup by the Grizz here. Memphis has not yet found a cure for their offensive deficiencies (looking at you Chandler Parsons) and McLemore who is coming off of a relatively efficient season can be a budget fix. Sure they have other arguably more pressing issues to contend with this summer but this is a good start.


Milwaukee Bucks

Tony Snell – 4 years for $46 million

Snell gets rewarded for his career year and Milwaukee gets to retain a player who has proved to be an important cog in their machine. Kudos to the Bucks for recognizing his potential and growth into a solid 3 and D guy and buying in early.


Minnesota Timberwolves

Jeff Teague – 3 years for $57 million, Taj Gibson – 2 years for $28 million

After stealing Jimmy Butler on draft night the summer of the wolf continues with Minny grabbing Teague shortly after dealing Rubio and bringing in another former Bull in Taj Gibson. Teague had a very impressive second half of the season and should be able to maintain it here with so many weapons and Gibson was a great presence for OKC last season and gives them some toughness and another defensive minded forward.  With these moves the T’Wolves are about capped out unless they dump some salary. But if they are done moving not bad huh?


New Orleans Pelicans

Jrue Holiday – 5 years for $126 million

The Jrue signing solidifies New Orleans’ very own big 3 in addition to AD and Boogie. It was a move the Pels had to make but with so many needs left to address I’m anxious to see how they choose to proceed. But a healthy Jrue and happy Boogie and AD can go a long way.


Oklahoma City Thunder

Paul George – Traded from Indiana

OKC getting George was a coup. The Thunder get a top 20 player for a fringe power forward and a guard that does only half of what George will provide. George gives OKC a premier defender and someone that scores efficiently from all levels. Plus, the thought of a Russy to PG-13 pick and roll is too much for me to handle right now.


Philadelphia 76ers

JJ Redick – 1 year for $23 million, Amir Johnson – 1 year for $11

Philly came into free agency with a clear plan and they are sticking to it. To sign vets on short (mostly one year) deals. They hit a home run with Redick who outside of his superb shooting will be a strong locker room presence and will be has a high basketball
IQ. Johnson just could fit in during his stint in Boston. Hopefully, he can find a sense of purpose with the 76ers who has quite a few bigs themselves.


San Antonio Spurs

Patty Mills – 4 years for $50 million

Mills gave the Spurs plenty of reason to believe he’s worth this deal and I don’t think many will disagree. With Parker not set to return to action until around the All-Star break San Antonio had to make a move and it’s he right one.


Toronto Raptors

Kyle Lowry – 3 years for $99 million, Serge Ibaka – 3 years for $65 million

Toronto has decided to take the Golden State approach thus far in taking everyone back but it’s still early. Lowry will continue to lead the Raps but Ibaka (although impressing at times) is the big question mark here. Will he be the guy (when fully engaged) that can push the Raps to a Finals appearance.


Utah Jazz

Ricky Rubio – Trade from Minnesota, Joe Ingles 4 years for $50 million

With George Hill setting out for free agency this was a great trade to bring in a solid starting point guard in. Ingles is a good 3 and D guy although the most significance of this deal is that Ingles is Gordon Hayward’s best friend on the team so this may be in attempts to appeal for him.


Washington Wizards

Jodie Meeks – 2 years for $7 million

The Wizards pick up some bench shooting in Meeks. This should give them flexibility with Bogdanovic and on a team friendly deal to boot.








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