Bs section 7/3/17

Here are the B.S topics we discussed for the new podcast:

Nike says it’s too similar.

Dlo may never get it
Ball may been the better show

Ibrahim Johnson, brother of five-star Texas commit Mohamed Bamba, posted a 22-minute Facebook Live video on Monday in which he repeated the phrase “long story short” at least a dozen times and claimed Bamba received, amongst other things, shoes, vacations, dental work, a television, a $200-per-week allowance, and credit card bill payments from Greer Love, a vice president at a Michigan-based investment firm. Basically, as Johnson put it, “all the shit that the NCAA will prosecute you for.”

Johnson ratted out Bamba, the No. 2 recruit in the Class of 2017, after Bamba allegedly reneged on an offer to make his older brother his agent following his time at Texas. Johnson said he intended on following his younger brother to whichever school he chose and enroll in graduate school; from there, he hoped to complete a degree and obtain the necessary certification required of NBA agents.


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