Off-Season Preview: Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards emerged as a bit of a surprise this year. Sure, we’ve known for years that the have one of the most deadly backcourts in the league in John Wall and Bradley Beal but health and chemistry issue had cast a shadow over how much they could succeed with them. Add to this the hesitation over the first year of head coach Scott Brooks’ ability to deal with these issues as well as energize a roster that had been subjected to years of Randy Whitman’s um……leadership(?). Needless to say they found a way to work through these issues as well as grab the four seed and was one half away from making a surprise appearance in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Now they are tasked with keeping the roster in tact as well as squeaking out a way to make some much needed improvements as minor as they may appear to be. However, Washington may be the team that is in the worst position to do this.


Needs: Come to a workable resolution with Otto Porter, Jr. and retain Bojan Bogdanovic.

Wants: If everything falls through with Porter, scrape together what they can to find a replacement and if Porter signs use those resources to find some much needed bench help.


Money Situation

Guaranteed                                    2017-18                              Insider info
Bradley Beal                                $23,775,506
John Wall                                     $18,063,850                      Extension eligible
Ian Mahinmi                                $16,661,641
Marcin Gortat                              $12,782,609                      Extension eligible
Markieff Morris                           $8,000,000                        Extension eligible
Jason Smith                                  $5,225,000
Tomas Satoransky                       $3,000,000
Kelly Oubre                                  $2,093,049                                                                                         Tim Frazier                                   $2,000,000
Chris McCullough                        $1,471,382

Non/partial                                     2017-18                    
Daniel Ochefu                               $1,312,611
Sheldon McClellan                       $1,312,611

FA cap hold                                    2017-18                               FA status
Otto Porter                                   $14,734,953                        Restricted Bird
Trey Burke                                     $8,466,495                        Restricted Bird
Bojan Bogdanovic                         $6,788,738                        Restricted Bird
Brandon Jennings                         $1,440,000                             Non-Bird



Y’all Washington don’t have any room to breathe here. They created a little space just last night by trading their 52nd pick in tonight’s draft to the New Orleans Pelicans for reserve point guard Tim Frazier. While adding $2 million to their already hefty cap ($27 million after the trade) they did possibly allow them a little flexibility in terms of dealing with free agent reserve guards Trey Burke and Brandon Jennings. After this they will only have the $5.2 tax MLE to use to bolster a bench with clear holes.


Names to watch: Roy Hibbert – C – Unrestricted, Cristiano Felicio – PF/C – Unrestricted, Jeff Withey – C – Unrestricted, Justin Holiday – SG/SF – Unrestricted, Anthony Morrow – SG – Unrestricted, Jason Terry – SC – Unrestricted


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