Off-Season Preview: Houston Rockets

Yes, after quite possibly the most impressive breakout season in the league the Houston Rockets’ campaign did come to a rather gruesome end by the hands of a Kawhi-less San Antonio Spurs. But just as there are your titans on the court there are also your titans in the boardroom. Daryl “Dork Elvis” Morey is one of those titans. I mean he did construct a team that logged a 15 win improvement over the previous season including installing offensive mastermind Mark D’Antoni as head coach. My point is don’t count him out…….and don’t get too comfortable with the current construction of this team either.


Needs: With a pretty set roster just work on keeping extension talks cool.

Wants: Package some of the deals to pursue a top-tier player in a trade. With cap space add some solid role guys.


Money Situation

Guaranteed                                     2017-18                                 Insider info
James Harden                              $28,299,399                Designated extension eligible
Ryan Anderson                             $19,578,455
Eric Gordon                                  $12,943,020
Trevor Ariza                                   $7,420,912                         Extension eligible
Lou Williams                                 $7,000,000                        Extension eligible
Patrick Beverley                            $5,513,514                         Extension eligible
Sam Dekker                                   $1,794,600
Clint Capela                                   $2,334,528                   Rookie extension eligible
Montrezl Harrell                            $1,471,382                         Extension eligible
Chinanu Onuaku                           $1,312,611


Non/partial                                     2017-18                             Guarantee date
Kyle Wiltjer                                    $1,312,611                                   Aug. 1
Isaiah Taylor                                  $1,312,611                      First day of the season

FA cap hold                                    2017-18                                 FA status
Nene                                               $3,477,600                                Non-Bird
Troy Williams                               $1,512,611                         Restricted non-Bird
Bobby Brown                                $1,724,305                        Restricted non-Bird



Given the makeup of Houston’s roster (five extension eligible guys not counting Harden) they look to be very active on the trade front. I won’t speculate here (don’t worry I’ll do plenty of it soon) but word is already out they are swinging for the fences. As far as their cap space the Rockets project to have the $8.4 million MLE and $3.1 bi-annual. Look for them to go after backup rim protector and a backup “point guard”.


Names to watch: Yogi Ferrel – PG – Team Option, Alan Williams – PF/C – Restricted, Alex Len – C – Restricted, Willie Reed – C – Unrestricted


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