Off-season Preview: Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee is most definitely a team on the move. Jason Kidd’s experiment appears that it is set to start paying some long term dividends and it couldn’t happen at a better time. Fresh off of a playoff appearance that saw them fight valiantly against the Toronto Raptors before bowing out in six games without their second leading scorer the Bucks are giving everyone (yeah, them too) well enough reason to fear the deer.

Unfortunately as they did last year they will be most of the regular season without one of their top guys in Jabari Parker who is expected to be out until after the All-Star break. I mention this because in spite of being pretty low on cash this summer the Bucks will need to pay close attention to the composition of their roster and if additions are made they should be in the best intentions of maintaining a team chemistry that most other teams (some that are better than them) are envious of.


Needs:  Work to maintain the current composition of the roster without hitting the luxury tax.

Wants: To use resources remaining after re-signing current players to obtain role guys attainable on cheapo deals.


Summer cap breakdown

Guaranteed                                    2017-18                               Insider info
Giannis Antetokounmpo            $22,471,910
Greg Monroe                                $17,884,176                    Player option June 22
Khris Middleton                           $14,100,000
John Henson                                 $11,422,536
Mirza Teletovic                            $10,500,000
Matthew Dellavedova                  $9,607,500
Jabari Parker                                 $6,782,392                  Rookie extension window
Spencer Hawes                             $6,021,175                      Player option June 26
Thon Maker                                   $2,684,160
Rashad Vaughn                             $1,889,040
Malcolm Brogdon                         $1,312,611

Non/partial                                     2017-18          
Gary Payton II                               $1,312,611

FA cap hold                                    2017-18                                  FA status
Tony Snell                                      $5,920,818                            Restricted Bird
Michael Beasley                            $1,471,382                                Early Bird
Jason Terry                                    $1,471,382                                 Non-Bird

First-round cap hold                   2017-18
No. 17                                           $2,135,040



As an organization Milwaukee has mainly built it’s current core through building in the draft. They got Giannis at 13, Jabari at 2 and Brogdon at 36 so it’s safe to say that Bucks management kinda know what to do here. I think they get it right again with the big man from Texas Jarrett Allen at 17. He stands 6’11 with a 7’5″ wingspan that comes with already smoove (yes, smoove) post moves. His presence should immediately help a Bucks squad that pulled down the second least rebounds in the league last season (40.4 RPG).

The Bucks currently sit at about $17.9 million over the cap. Normally this would be a cause for concern but as we’ve mentioned before the Bucks have a pretty strong roster and only have two guys to really pay attention to this year. Greg Monroe has a player option taking up almost all of their cap room of $17.8 million that he has until tomorrow to make a decision on. Most chatter has him staying and with the way he improved throughout the season the Bucks shouldn’t be upset if he decides to do so. The restricted free agency of Tony Snell is the only other question mark the Bucks have. Snell vastly improved his game (especially his shooting) in his first full season with the Bucks after coming over from Chicago. Him emerging into a decent 3 and D guy may make him a bit pricey which may worry Milwaukee as they must be mindful of the luxury tax. If they can steer clear the Deer will have the $8.4 Million MLE and $3.2 million bi-annual.


Names to watch:  Justin Holiday – SG/SF – Jonas Jerebko – PF – Unrestricted, JaVale McGee – C – Unrestricted, Ian Clark – PG/SG – Unrestricted, Shelvin Mack – PG – Unrestricted


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