Off-season Preview: Memphis Grizzlies

It seems like we can’t get enough talking about how tough the Memphis Grizzlies are and with very good reason. Once again last season saw them claw and fight their way to the playoffs and have a much better showing than many of us (including folks who LOVE the Grizz) would have thought. The key to this has been keep together a core that has been together forever it seems in NBA years. The biggest pro of this is that they have this Spurs like chemistry combined with a Tom Thibodeauian work ethic. The biggest con is that keeping this core in tact gets pretty pricey making it much harder to address ongoing issues with the roster like shooting and rebounding.


Needs: Keeping the band together by prioritizing guys that can possibly hit the market (unlikely as it may be) and carefully assess JaMychal Green’s value as he is set to hit the RFA (restricted free agency) market. If Green proves to be too pricey use limited assets to address depth at power forward.

Wants: Same as it is every year Pinky, to find a shooter with the limited resources they have and maybe an athletic wing that will add another player capable at creating space.


Money Situation

Guaranteed                                2017-18                           Insider info
Mike Conley                             $28,530,608
Chandler Parsons                    $23,112,004
Marc Gasol                               $22,642,350                       Trade bonus
Brandan Wright                        $5,955,760          Trade bonus/ extension eligible
Troy Daniels                             $3,408,520
James Ennis                              $3,028,410
Wade Baldwin                          $1,874,400
Jarell Martin                             $1,471,382
Deyonta Davis                          $1,312,611
Andrew Harrison                      $1,312,611

Non/partial                               2017-18                           Guarantee date
Wayne Selden                         $1,312,611

FA cap hold                              2017-18                              FA status
Zach Randolph                      $15,542,168                                Bird
Tony Allen                              $10,460,674                               Bird
Vince Carter                            $8,101,708                                Bird
JaMychal Green                      $2,820,497                        Restricted Bird



The Memphis Grizzlies find themselves without a draft pick this year and that’s really too bad because I do feel that they could have found someone that could potentially address their issues here and for the cheap. Not to pile on here but their 10 guarantee contracts has put them at $30 million over the cap. Their aim is re-signing Zach Randolph, Tony Allen and hopefully Vince Carter. To further complicate this Green their young and promising power forward is about to dip his toes in free agency and the Grizz aren’t in the strongest position to re-sign him.

Whether or not Memphis can retain their guys while under the luxury tax will dictate how much they will have in the way of resources to go out into the free agency market. If they can sign everyone they desire to while staying under the tax marker they will have the $8.4 million MLE and $3.2 million bi-annual. However, if they are not able to do this they will only have the $5.2 million tax MLE to use. As currently constructed the Grizz’s roster doesn’t have a lot of holes but if they can find a way to address these shortcomings it may provide some relief and much needed flexibility in the future.


Names to watch: Jodie Meeks – SG – Unrestricted, KJ McDaniels – SG/SF – Team Option, Ben McLemore – SG – Restricted, Cristiano Felicio – PF/C – Restricted, Langston Galloway – SG – Player Option


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