Off-season Preview: Indiana Pacers

Next up in the “holy crap let me publish this before it is useless series” is the Indiana Pacers. For anyone that remotely follows the goings on of the NBA (if you’re reading this I imagine you do) you’ve been hipped to the Paul George situation in Indy. But for those who have wandered here with no knowledge base on the situation let me catch you up the easiest way I know how. He don’t wanna there anymore. So as trade talks have intensified the Pacers definitely have their hands full in sticking the landing here and understandably so. But they should also be mindful that there are a number of guys on their roster with situations to have resolved.

Needs: With a Paul George trade an inevitability at this point get assets in return that will contribute right away as they are not looking to rebuild.

Wants: Retain C.J. Miles and Jeff Teague on smart deals and address depth issues at backup shooting guard, center and power forward via the draft and free agency.


Money Situation

Guaranteed                                   2017-18                                  Insider info
Paul George                               $19,508,958             Extension and renegotiation eligible
Thaddeus Young                       $14,996,348                          Extension eligible
Monta Ellis                                 $11,227,000                          Extension eligible
Al Jefferson                                 $9,769,821
Lance Stephenson                     $4,180,000
Myles Turner                              $2,569,920

Non/partial                                   2017-18                              Guarantee date
Lavoy Allen                                  $4,000,000                         Team option June 23
Kevin Seraphin                            $1,974,159                                    Aug. 1
Joe Young                                      $1,471,382                                    July 1
Rakeem Christmas                      $1,471,382                                   July 1
Glenn Robinson III                      $1,471,382                                   July 1
Georges Niang                              $1,312,611

FA cap hold                                   2017-18                                FA status
Jeff Teague                                $13,200,000                                   Bird
C.J. Miles                                    $8,708,555                   Bird/expected to opt out
Aaron Brooks                            $3,240,000                                Non-Bird

First-round cap hold                  2017-18
No. 18                                         $2,028,360


With all of the news surrounding the impending loss of George the Pacers should not be putting all of their eggs in the trade returns basket. In a deep draft Indy has the 18th pick and with it I think Zach Collins is a good way to go with it. Collins in his lone season with Gonzaga showed that he is a capable inside out big. He’s an athletic shot blocker with a shot. This isn’t to suggest that Myles Turner has been anything less than immensely impressive but having another frontcourt mate can’t help but expedite his progression.

Coming into free agency the Pacers are only $129,000 over the cap but with Jeff Teague’s hold and C.J. Miles most likely to opt out there’s not much wiggle room for them to operate this summer. They also don’t have enough in non-guarantee contracts to make much of a difference (approx. $4.3 million) so they’ll most likely use the $8.4 million MLE and $3.2 million bi-annual to address any needs not met by the return of the George trade. You know, if it happens.

Names to watch: Gerald Green – SF – Unrestricted, Jared Sullinger – PF/C – Unrestricted, Aron Baynes – C – Player Option, Jerami Grant – SF – Team Option


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