Off-season Preview: Miami Heat

The Miami Heat finished the season blazing hot, on fire even (too much? Okay). But one thing is for sure they figured it all the way out in the second half of the season finishing 31-11 and missing the postseason only via losing a tiebreaker with the Chicago Bulls. A feat no one expected after having to soldier on after losing Chris Bosh to a career ending injury.

Speaking of Bosh, removing his contract lends the Heat some much needed space to re-sign solid rotation performers and make a few moves via free agency. Possessing the last lottery pick in a draft full of potentially good role guys doesn’t hurt either.

Needs: To determine the value of role guys set to hit free agency and sign to favorable, short term deals that will allow the heat to keep their flexibility moving forward.

Wants: Hit the market with a methodical and deliberate plan to fill any needs created by opt outs and already existing needs.


Money Situation

Guaranteed                                  2017-18                                Insider info
Chris Bosh                                          $0                    Salary expected to be removed
Hassan Whiteside                      $23,775,506
Goran Dragic                              $17,000,450
Josh McRoberts                           $6,021,175                      Player option June 29
Tyler Johnson                             $5,881,260
Dion Waiters                               $3,028,410                      Player option June 29
Justise Winslow                          $2,705,040
Willie Reed                                  $1,577,230                      Player option June 29

Non/partial                                   2017-18                             Guarantee date
Wayne Ellington                         $6,270,000                                   July 6
Josh Richardson                         $1,471,382                                 June 30
Rodney McGruder                       $1,312,611
Okaro White                                $1,312,611

FA cap hold                                   2017-18                                 FA status
James Johnson                           $4,800,000                              Non-Bird
Udonis Haslem                           $7,600,000                                  Bird
Luke Babbitt                               $1,471,382                                   Bird

First-round cap hold                  2017-18
No. 14 selection                          $2,490,300



The whole Chris Bosh situation is simply heartbreaking. The Heat lose their best player and we as a community lost one of the finest players of the past almost decade and a half. But one of the things that must be done here is to move on. And I think the Heat take the first steps in doing so with the selection of John Collins the Wake Forest power forward. Already a consistent post scorer with a rapidly developed jumper he can give Miami a much desired boost in scoring.

As mentioned up top the Heat will most likely be concerned with keeping the band together. Which is totally understandable since many of these names played a huge role in their second half surge last season. The tricky part (as always) will be getting these guys back on workable deals. The Heat has $14.3 million right now before making calls on the $13.8 million in cap holds and the $6 million owed to Wayne Ellington. Also worth note is Udonis Haslem’s $7.6 million cap hold but we all know what’s gonna happen here. Outside of Josh McRoberts (who will likely opt in to his $6 million option) there is really no one Miami should be dying to get off of. So I would imagine that Miami would only seriously venture out to free agency to address any attrition or to grab a fringe guy or two to fill out the roster.


Names to watch: C.J Miles – SG/SF – Unrestricted, Joe Ingles – SF – Restricted, Nikola Mirotic – PF – Restricted, Zach Randolph – PF – Unrestricted, Bojan Bogdonavic – SG – Restricted, Amir Johnson – PF – Unrestricted,


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