Off-season Preview: Dallas Mavericks

This season marked the first time since the 2012-2013 season that Dallas failed to reach the postseason. And knowing how maniacal the Mavs are about maintaining success you can guess that this does not sit well with them. With a good bit of money tied up in guarantee contracts and guys they definitely want to re-sign making moves will be pretty difficult but the Mavericks are nothing if not crafty.

Needs:  Re-sign Dirk Nowitzki and Nerlens Noel to workable deals that will give them flexibility in the future.

Wants: Smartly add assets with any remaining space.

Money Situation

Guaranteed                                  2017-18                           Insider info
Harrison Barnes                        $23,112,004                       Trade bonus
Wes Matthews                           $17,884,176                     Extension eligible
Dwight Powell                            $9,003,125
J.J. Barea                                      $3,903,900                      Extension eligible
Seth Curry                                   $3,028,410
A.J. Hammons                             $1,312,611


Non/partial                                   2017-18                        Guarantee date
Dirk Nowitzki                             $25,000,000                 Team option June 29
Devin Harris                               $4,402,546
DeAndre Liggins                        $1,577,230                   Team option June 29
Salah Mejri                                 $1,471,382                              July 12
Nicolas Brussino                        $1,312,611                               July 6
Dorian Finney-Smith                $1,312,611
Yogi Ferrell                                  $1,312,611                   Team option June 24
Jarrod Uthoff                               $1,312,611

FA cap hold                                   2017-18                             FA status
Nerlens Noel                               $10,961,225                      Restricted Bird

First-round cap hold                    2017-18
Projected No. 9 selection         $3,218,280



The Dallas Mavericks love Dirk, hell we ALL love Dirk but the big German is getting long in the tooth and there’s no way to get past it. They have held back from pursuing Dirk replacements in previous seasons but this year they may not be able to resist. This is not a bad thing though folks. With the ninth pick I feel they’ll go with Lauri Markkanen the sweet shooting Finnish power forward out of Arizona. The seven footer can flat out stroke it and and isn’t scared to mix it up on the boards. Both of these skills will be much welcomed on a team that finished second to last in both field goal percentage (44%) and dead last in rebounding (38.6 RPG) last season. While trying to draw a direct comparison and expecting him to mirror Dirk’s impact right away is a fool’s errand I think he can contribute right away and get well groomed under his tutelage.

Most of Dallas’ free agent activity will happen in house this summer. The signings of Noel and Nowitzki are undoubtedly top priority but the key here isn’t getting them signed it’s how they do it. Smartly doing this and deciding who out of their seven non-guarantee guys not counting Dirk they want to retain and what the cost will be. As a few of these guys were productive for them (Yogi Ferrell and Dorian Finney-Smith immediately comes to mind) they will likely have to pay out a bit to keep them. After doing this they’ll probably only have room for a MLE and bi-annual exception worth $8.4 million and $3.2 million respectively.


Names to watch: Dante Cunningham – SF/PF – Player Option, Jerami Grant – SF – Team Option, Thabo Sefolosha – SF – Unrestricted, Jodie Meeks – SG – Unrestricted, Jeff Withey – C – Unrestricted, Terrence Jones – PF – Unrestricted, Alan Williams – PF/C – Restricted


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