The Man We Call Sh*tLock

It’s no secret that here at B&BS, we don’t care for this guy.  Not at all.  Not one single little bit.  When he isn’t spewing lukewarm, terrible sports hot takes, he is usually saying something hateful or condescending to folks who look like him.  Self-hate at its finest.   Regardless how you feel about Lebron, there are some things that will never be acceptable from another fellow black man.

Money does not put you in a protective bubble from ignorant folks hatred of you. Period. Point Blank. I could go all day on it but I rather share folks who have bombed on this loser already this week:

We start off with the man some call the “Baton Rouge Baldwin”  Donney Rose, author of Black Out Loud.  He gives him that work, poetry style

Black Culture Calls For The Immediate Termination Of

Jason Whitlock’s Opinion

Dear Mr. Whitlock,

Upon careful review of the reckless fuckboi drivel you spill to millions daily, we have decided to terminate your opinion, effective immediately. This decision was not a difficult one, as the culture decided that not only do you bring anything to the table, you show up to the table dressed in massa’s hand-me-downs disguised as alternative views. We wish you the best in any future endeavors that include emerging from the Sunken Place & finding fedoras that fit.

Otherwise, we are done here.

With contempt,


Donney Rose then shared what it looks like when a sport’s analyst isn’t afraid to use his platform to address these issues.


Deadspin breaks it down more.  Their post shows how even his coworkers have no respect for this guy.  Also, Jason better not ever run into Martellus Bennett, one of the more outspoken NFL personalities out there.

The folks at VSB had their usually great and humorous take on these instances of vapid stupidity.

He even made “Donkey of the Day” for the second time in within 3 weeks.  Google the other situation.  See One Lavar Ball.


The funny thing is I really try to avoid this guy.  I already know what I am getting.  Hell if you rock us with from our FB group, being a fan of this guy will have folks looking at you cross-eyed with scorn and less trust (and possibly booted lol).  Yet, his foolishness this time made such a stink before the finals, it was like watching a train wreck in live action.  I just know I am glad that intelligent folks can come to together and tell this loser with the constant hat fails what time it is.  Maybe Sage Steel can take him shopping.  This is bull$hit indeed.



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