H.B. and Coop: Big Baby vs. Daddy’s Boy Beef

With what is shaping up to be one helluva NBA Finals starting tomorrow it appears that the Cavs and Warriors aren’t the only one with a battle on their hands. But while the likes of Lebron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant will take to the court to figure out who reigns supreme we have the likes of local boy and former NBAer Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Austin “Daddy’s Boy” Rivers taking to Twitter and the Gram to decide who is to be crowned the bigger bullsh*ter.

For those who may need a primer a little while ago, Big Baby appeared on Colin Cowherd’s show and levied some pretty heavy criticism against his two-time former coach Glen “Doc” Rivers.

As you would expect this didn’t sit very well with Doc’s son and current Los Angeles Clippers Austin Rivers. Rivers sounded off about Davis’ time in Los Angeles in less than glowing terms.

And Davis, no stranger to conflict, responded in kind.

Coop posted about it on our Facebook group and after a brief thread, we decided to take discuss the beef. What followed is a brief discussion about this fiasco of fail and honestly some borderline shit talk.

H.B.: *sees post* Oh good Lord

Coop: So when will he be going to play in China?

H.B: Not soon enough.

Coop: Why did all this good bs happen after we just finished  a pod? Oh well, bs approved!

H.B.: Don’t worry dude, I have a feeling this one ain’t over. It’ll drag out for a minute.        You know, because of attention.

H.B.: Here’s the deal, Daddy’s boy is an easy target because it’s the worst kept secret in the league that the only reason he’s in the league is because of his dad. Now he has made the most of it and has worked his way into looking like a just competent enough backup. But Baby straight blew it. And it sucks because he had a unique skill set that would have aged well in today’s NBA if he got in shape. And everyone conveniently forgets that it was his antics that got him put out of Orlando to where he needed Doc to give him a second chance. And that’s not saying that no one wanted him but at the price that the Magic signed him to along with their willingness to immediately depart from him no one wanted to touch it. He got to LA but it didn’t pan out. Period.

H.B.: Also, he wasn’t completely telling the truth about Doc not paying him because he did sign him for just under a mil and a half in 14-15.

H.B.: But the bulk of his money did come from the Magic. Roughly 25 mil over 4. And this was in 2011

Coop: I’m not happy this may be the guy who comes to mind for BR hoops. I’m slightly ashamed. Yet, I like that he calls out daddy’s boy who stunk it up during his time in New Orleans.

H.B.: Luckily not for long. We have Garrett (Temple) in the league, the young boy from the Ville (Damien Jones) might get him a ring with the Dubs. (Brandon) Bass has been a grade A classy guy and does enough to keep getting paid. Honestly, Baby doesn’t factor in because Baby ain’t putting in work in the league right now. And as far as Daddy’s Boy I totally agree. Yeah. I know. I remember him on Woj’s pod a few months ago and hearing his voice made me want to punch my speakers.

Coop: Question, why would a guy younger than us (31) sink his professional image this low? Cowherd is not your friend Baby and nor is social media, YouTube or late night travel lodges.

H.B.: Um, I think you mean Days Inn Coop. LOL

Coop: Or whatever mid-tier creeping hotel.

H.B.: In terms of Cowherd I absolutely agree. But Cowherd is an outlet. And more often than not an outlet for guys who are no longer relevant. Hell, he unearthed Rob freaking Parker a few days ago!

Coop: You mean ROB I ONLY TALK IN ALL CAPS PARKER?!?!?!?!?!?! Mr. Cornball Parker?

H.B.: I mean you see it with a lot of guys. This just seems sadder because he’s from the crib and with that you kind of hear things so you feel like (whether valid or not) you have a more intimate knowledge of what’s going on.

Coop: Well, I don’t know. I think he should try to get a roster spot in the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) because clearly, his NBA career seems to be over.

H.B.: I mean he’s only 31. I’m sure there is some team somewhere in the world that can use some Big Baby. That’s if he still wants to play. I only say that because I haven’t heard of him playing anywhere since leaving the league but I’ll research that later (a cursory search shows that he has not played since exiting the NBA after the 2014-2015 season).

Coop: Hmmm….Sacremento? Nah I don’t hate Big Baby to wish that upon him.

H.B.: Shiiiiiiiiiid Sac-Town money green too! But they would be the only team in the league that would talk themselves into 2 for 20 and a player option. Lol

Coop: Yeah at this point Baby needs to get paid. I’m sure has some cheese left, but at this point if he has some pride, just shut up and clean up the whiny image. I mean it’s as much local love I can give. If not just exit stage left…….quietly.

H.B.: Right! But there isn’t enough virtual space to unpack the mental state of Big Baby. I honestly do hope that he can continue his career somewhere. And if that’s not something he wants to do just (as you said) quietly exit. And, maybe follow the lead of your former teammate and start investing in the community. I mean we are still talking about a guy that if he never picks up a basketball again will have earned roughly $33 million by the age of 30.

Coop: Well we will hope for the best…..but laugh along the way. BS approved!

H.B.: Indeed!

*Bonus B.S

Here are some more comedic moments from these two dummies :


3 thoughts on “H.B. and Coop: Big Baby vs. Daddy’s Boy Beef

  1. Caleb Harris

    Great write up since the finals are a snooze might as well jump on some interesting b-ball topics.

    I understand Austin has to stand up for his pops but he would be somewhere overseas without Doc paying him as a gm/coach. 

    Did yall just go ahead and officially change Austin’s name to Daddys boy lol

    Big Baby reps BR he was playing well in Orlando before he went to the Clippers hopefully a team takes a chance on him.

    Liked by 2 people

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